Pizza restaurant loans: How to know which financing solution is right for you?

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Small business loans for pizza restaurants are largely available and dependent upon the specific loan request that is being made. Pizza restaurant operators typically rely on banks and lenders for conventional loans, SBA loans and asset-based loans to fund their existing business or for the start-up of a restaurant.

There are various loan purposes to consider as a small business borrower, depending on whether the pizza shop owner is looking to:

  • purchase an existing business
  • obtain start-up financing for a new location
  • seek leasehold improvements
  • remodel or acquire real estate

When it comes to pizza restaurant loans, as an operator, you face several decisions in choosing the right loan solution and lender. That’s where small business owners turn to us to help make those decisions easier.

How we help make the right financing choice.

Whether you’re opening a new pizza restaurant or franchise, taking over a mom-and-pop neighborhood shop or expanding your current location, you need to find the right loan for your needs. At BoeFly, we can help you build a loan request and securely connect with thousands of local and nationwide lenders through our easy, online finance marketplace, so you can access the best rate and terms.

A few of the financing types we can help you apply for include:

SBA loan

  • Lower interest rates (capped at Prime + 2.75%)
  • Longer loan terms
  • Lower monthly payments  

Asset-based lines of credit

  • Revolving
  • Term loans secured by assets 

Unsecured business line of credit

  • No collateral needed
  • Stringent qualifications needed
  • Requires robust existing cash flow 

Merchant cash advance

  • Short-term financing  
  • Fast access to money
  • Higher interest rates

Seller carry financing

  • Partial or full financing by seller
  • Buyer and seller negotiate terms
  • Typically paid back within 5 years

How we helped the McGregors open a Toppers Pizza.

Aspiring entrepreneurs Jim and Heidi McGregor had 22 years of business ownership and management experience. When they approached Toppers Pizza about opening a franchise in Fort Worth, Toppers recommended BoeFly. We helped them accelerate success by finding a lender and secure an SBA loan from a Texas lender for $360,000 to cover start-up costs.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the financing we secured through BoeFly. The process was clear and extremely efficient, and it allowed us to establish a relationship with a nearby bank that is funding our loan.”

– Heidi McGregor, Toppers Pizza Franchise Owner

A quick look at why pizza restaurants are big business.

11% increase in post-COVID pizza-chain ticket sizes1

350 average number of slices of pizza sold every second2

3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the U.S.3

Top 3 Is the pizza industry ranking in market growth in the fast-food market

Saving Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza time.

Here at BoeFly, our experts get that small business owners don’t have a lot of time to hunt for the right financial partner. When Gary Knudson, a successful Franchise Owner of Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza franchise in Spokane, WA, wanted to refinance his business debt, he knew every minute spent looking for a loan was a minute he wasn’t focused on his restaurant and guests.

Fortunately for Gary, his franchise system relies on BoeFly.  With our small business expertise, we made it easy for Gary to secure the right loan from a local lender.

“Thanks to BoeFly’s convenient service, I was able to connect with Washington Trust Bank—a lender right in my area,”

– Gary Knudson, Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza Franchise Owner

Helping Papa Murphy’s get financing to expand their business.

The Slaughenopt family (Mark, Sharon and their son, Alan) owned and operated a successful Papa Murphy’s franchise in Hickory, NC, since 2011. When they decided to open a second store in Charlotte, NC, Mark said it was important that “when we decided to expand and open a second store, Sharon and I wanted the process of seeking an expansion loan to be as efficient as possible.” Papa Murphy’s suggested BoeFly—and Mark was overjoyed.

“BoeFly helped us connect with a bank and secure the financing we needed. We look forward to opening our second location and bringing quality take-and-bake pizzas to our customers.”

– Mark Slaughenopt, Papa Murphy’s Pizza Franchise Owner

Easy, efficient and effective is how we do it here at BoeFly.

We make it easy and efficient to apply for a pizza business or franchise loan from one of our array of proven lenders. Individual banks can appear like a worthy solution, but we’re uniquely positioned to help pizza restaurant owners by creating lender competition for their business and delivering the best funding options for their situation.


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