Knowledge is power. Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is the information I share on your site secure?

Yes. We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure so we use high-grade data encryption via SSL certification.

Can BoeFly get me a criminal background check and financial background check on my franchise candidate?

Yes, leading franchisors rely on BoeFly to verify liquidity and net worth, perform a criminal background check and a credit check (soft pull). Learn more about how we vet candidates for you.

When I use BoeFly for document management and storage, will the information and documents I post be backed up?

Yes, small business borrowers and professional loan brokers use BoeFly as a document management and storage platform and all data is backed up throughout the day.

What do I need to apply for a small business loan?

Our easy loan application asks you some simple questions so we capture the right information at the right time. We’ll ask about your new or existing business and your personal finances. You’ll also be asked to upload key documents such as tax returns. Get financed.

Who will be able to see my application or that of my clients?

The only lenders who will be able to see your identifiable loan application and supporting documentation are those that you or your loan representative grant access to through the BoeFly marketplace, with the exception of BoeFly staff.

Will my personal information be sold or dispersed to anyone outside of BoeFly?

BoeFly respects your privacy and we don’t sell or disperse your data without your direct consent. See our Privacy Policy to fully understand how we handle information.

What if I forget my username and password?

No worries, just login and select ‘forgot password’. Enter your email address and hit “send password” button. Your login credentials will be sent to you. If you experience any other login issues, please send an email to

How does BoeFly help me get financing for my small business?

We use our proprietary data collection to match small business borrowers with the right lenders quickly and efficiently.

What if I don’t see my question answered in this FAQ document?

You can submit your question to, and a membership representative will contact you shortly.

Can I charge lenders I meet on BoeFly a brokerage fee?

Yes, as a broker using BoeFly you set the referral fee terms with lenders you meet. There’s no guarantee that every lender will agree to your fee, but you determine if they are allowed access to your borrower and you can restrict access for any lender not agreeable to your terms.

What’s stopping a lender from bypassing me to get to my borrower?

You are. You are in charge of when lenders can access your borrower’s information and you shouldn’t grant access before you are comfortable that the lender will respect your terms of engagement.

Will my client see my logo or BoeFly’s?

Your client will see your logo and brand colors, thanks to our branded solution.

Can I use BoeFly as an advantage over my competition?

Yes. Your BoeFly membership empowers you to brag to prospective and current clients about the fact that you rely on a safe and secure system to capture and store their sensitive data.

Is the credit score used to vet my franchise applicants a hard or soft credit pull?

It’s a soft credit pull which is good news as that means it won’t impact the applicant’s credit score.

Can the franchise applicant vetting service be integrated into my CRM?

Yes. Our vetting solution – bVerify – is integrated into FranConnect and can be incorporated into other CRMs too.

Can I meet borrowers and brokers?

Yes. We recognize that many borrowers prefer to be represented by professional loan brokers so BoeFly lenders are positioned to meet borrowers and brokers alike. Learn more about meeting bank-ready borrowers.

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