See Why it Might Pay to Leave the Bank Out of Your Next Loan Search

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When it comes to securing the financing you need to expand your business portfolio or jumpstart that next growth spurt, the process can be overwhelming. The logical first step would be to approach a bank. But is that really the best choice? Approaching bank after bank and navigating the paperwork can be a drain on your time and productivity. There is a better way. Here are three reasons you should let BoeFly connect you to your next loan.

1. BoeFly removes the complexity of the loan application process.

If you’re new to franchising or business ownership, the complexity – and length – of the loan search and application process ratchets up exponentially. It can be daunting to see your little to-do list grow into an unmanageable monster. Hopping from bank to bank to complete franchisee loan applications is not a good use of your time. That’s where the team at BoeFly can step in to give you back some of your valuable time.

  • A loan application made through BoeFly can be done from the comfort of your home – no getting dressed up and meeting with bankers. Our secure platform will compile all your loan application information, package it up and get it in front of an array of lenders that are ready to provide a loan type like yours.
  • BoeFly provides all the financing education you need.  Go ahead, ask questions. We have the answers. You can be confident that we have the financial background and answers to move the loan application process along more quickly.

2. BoeFly has the tools and expertise to achieve your financial goals.

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have a business partner that has the experience and tools to help you navigate the unknown. Let’s face it, you can’t do it all – AND stay focused on your business. BoeFly has the tools, background, and relationships to allow you to get back to what you do best – running your business.

  • Our proprietary bVerify online tool gets you connected to the right banks offering the right loan. You’ll be able to get qualified and financed faster so you can achieve your business growth goals in no time flat.
  • We are experts in SBA and Conventional business loans, so you don’t have to be. What’s the difference? That’s a great question ­– find out here.
  • Do you like to do research on your own? You’re never in the dark with BoeFly. We’ve got all kinds of free guides and resources available to help educate you along your journey to franchise ownership. Check them out here.

3. BoeFly has a track record of getting franchisees successfully financed.

You’ve got choices when it comes to how you secure the financing you need, we know that. There are all sorts of online lending platforms to choose from. BoeFly has been serving the franchise industry for over ten years and we have numerous accolades and franchise finance success stories, so you know that we aren’t some fly-by-night financing platform. Take a look at some of the things that make us your best choice for securing the financing you need – and saving you some time in the process.

  • BoeFly was Ranked as an Entrepreneur Supplier of the Year 2020/2021
  • We’ve helped businesses like Tint World, Smoothie King, Pet Supplies Plus and more accelerate their business. Check it out here.
  • Don’t take our word for it, hear what other franchisors like yourself are saying:

BoeFly has been an indispensable partner of WOWorks, both in preparing the diligence reports used to vet our potential franchises and in helping our new owners efficiently source and secure much-needed startup financing. Our experience with them is indicative of the value their partnership brings, both for us as the franchisor as well as for our franchisees”  – Brian Farris, WOWorks CDO.

At BoeFly, we’re passionate about helping you secure the financing you need to get started and then grow. Our easy one-step online application simplifies the lending process — so you only have to enter your information once. And, we’re here to help you provide the exact information the banks need to move forward in the lending process for SBA funding or conventional loans. So skip the banks and let BoeFly do it for you. We got this.

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